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Way to Go, Tennessee!

Posted on: March 23, 2017

Yesterday, as the terrorist drove his 4-wheel drive through London, something almost as amazing was happening in the Tennessee state legislature.  Amazing good, rather than amazing bad.

Tennessee state representative Jeremy Durham of Franklin, TN, was expelled from the house as a result of a series of sexual harassment allegations.  The vote was 70-2. Republican Governor Bill Haslam thanked the house for its action.

The governor had joined other members of the house in requesting Durham to resign amid growing complaints of sexual harassment.  Durham denied it all and spoke on the chamber floor Tuesday asking his fellow representatives not to remove him.  (The Tennessee Attorney General had developed a detailed report; earlier in the year Durham had denied “most” of the incidents that the Attorney General’s staff had developed.)

I guess it was just a bad year for Durham.  He lost his primary bid so couldn’t run again, but being ousted will preclude him from qualifying for a state pension when he reaches retirement age.

It has been 36 years since the Tennessee house has expelled a sitting member.


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