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Well, we “trump” Maine and West Virginia

Posted on: November 21, 2016

Forbes released a ranking for best states for business in 2016.  The ranking was based on business costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life.  We rated 49th in labor supply, 48th in economic climate, 49th in growth prospects, and 47th in quality of life.

Maine, at #49, with slightly more low scores than Mississippi, was ranked 15th in quality of life.  Even West Virginia, at #50, has a quality of life that Forbes ranked as 42.

Our strength:  business costs and regulatory environment.  We give tax dollars away to businesses who often do not stay successful or choose to remain long enough for us to see a return.  And we fail at regulating them, which leaves a lot of room for fraud, illegality and just bad government.

While Mississippi ranks #49 in labor supply, West Virginia ranks #50.  Neither state, apparently, is doing what it takes to educate and train suitable skilled labor.  But then, education is not something that appears very high on the lists of our governing bodies.

For the last two years, the State New Economy Index, published by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, has ranked Mississippi as 50th (except for 2007 — when it finished 49th).  The index relies on 25 indicators, including the number of jobs in high tech industries, level of skilled labor, availability of broadband internet service, foreign investments in the state, and the education level of the workforce, among others.  Rob Atkinson, co-author of the study offered by the Washington DC based foundation, said:  “Mississippi was sort of left behind in the industrialization of this country [in the early 20th century] and now, in the new century, the world is changing drastically.  Low-cost-based production isn’t going to work anymore.”  He offered that there are fewer and fewer large employers these days that hire hundreds or thousands of the kinds of relatively low-skill workers that Mississippi regularly produces.

Not to beat a dead horse, but education and socialization are the answers.  Our people need to understand that education is the key to the future and that fact needs to be endorsed and inculcated as often, and from as many varied institutions and individuals as possible.

So, go out and proselytize our citizens on the value of education, and for that matter, proselytize our legislators, too!



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