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Do you recognize this woman?

My husband said Lauren Bacall, but that’s not right. Reply if you know.

Sociologist Arlie Hochschild coined the term “second shift” in 1989, but the second shift has been around since the first woman found a way to work outside the home.  It refers to the disproportionate amount of unpaid domestic labor that women engage in — in addition to their “real” job.  Those who think that women’s issues are dead shrug off the concept of the second shift and point to 20% of men who admit to helping out with housework.  But the fact is that these responsibilities fall, inequitably, on women.  If two partners work, one is usually considered the principal wage earner — and it is usually the man.  But whether it is the man or the woman who is the principal wage earner, the woman gets stuck with home management 93% of the time, according to the DOL.

In  her book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg points to this second shift as a serious blockade to women’s progress, encouraging women to stop being “maternal gatekeepers” and encourage their partners to take on greater responsibilities at home.

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