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For the past three days I have been in East Brunswick, New Jersey for a seminar put on by the Center for American Women and Politics staff.  It has been terrific!  I am here with Pam Johnson (MS Commission on the Status of Women Executive Director) learning strategies in order to do a better job at our APRIL 9 SEMINAR AT THE MISSISSIPPI CAPITOL.

I really can’t wait to share what we’ve learned.  We obtained great information on online campaigning, voter frustration, how to deflect, defend, and call out sexism in campaigns, how to write a campaign plan, how to handle the media, and how to raise money.

I have lots of little nuggets to share and will be doing so over the next few weeks.

For example:  Telemarketing is the most expensive way to campaign.  It costs about 80% of each $$, meaning that your return on that $1 investment is only 20 cents.  But, its 20 cents you didn’t have before.  The wonderful thing about telemarketing is that you can change your message OVERNIGHT to respond to something your opponent said or did.  This is not possible with direct mail.

REMEMBER TO REGISTER FOR READY TO RUN on http://www.sig.msstate.edu


Women can make a huge difference in government particularly if they reach the “tipping point” which is generally conceived by political scientists to be at least 30% women/70% men in government.  According to most journals, if there are at least 30% women in the legislature, Board of Supervisors, Board of Aldermen, School Board, etc., then there are enough women present to make a difference in the direction of policy in politics.

The Stennis Institute is co-sponsoring a seminar on April 9 at the State Capitol building in Jackson to meet the needs of women who are “ready to run” for office or “ruminating about running” for office.  The two track program will meet the needs of women who are considering public office, are committed to public office, or want to work effectively to assist a viable candidate.

You may register for the program by going to http://www.sig.msstate.edu.

We hope to see you there!

Pam Johnson and I are in New Jersey attending a seminar about Ready to Run, a one day meeting in Jackson on 4/9. Info? lydia@wpf-adr.com

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